Alberto Contador’s 2nd failed drug test

The news this week is that cycling champion Alberto Contador failed not one, but two drug tests back in July. This is all very disappointing. I’m not a fan of Contador — I found him to be self-centered after witnessing his actions in the last two Tour de France races, and a bit pompous in his disaparaging comments about Lance Armstrong in last year’s race. Still, I have grudging respect for him as an athlete. He’s got talent.

Now, disappointment. Seriously, even he was possibly doped up? How can so many of these racers be doping? I acknowledge that these races are difficult. They’re absolutely grueling. To watch an athlete succeed in spite of the conditions is what I find amazing. To have the stamina, courage, and hardened will to win each stage, or the overall race at the end. It’s riveting to watch the absolute pain on the rider’s face, and still do their best to push their limits to try to win. To find out that these riders had been doped up……


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