We bought Intuit TurboTax 2009 and Quicken 2010 Deluxe

It’s 2010, and time for some software upgrades.

Time for an upgrade — we bought Quicken 2010 Deluxe. The software is very handy for a non-finance guru like me, but after three years, Intuit forces you to upgrade, as they discontinue updates and financial services (i.e. you can’t download transaction info, etc.) I used to do the bills, but my wife is much better at juggling the bills and my whims, so she’s in charge of the checkbook.

I/We have been using TurboTax for my/our tax preparation for many years now. I’ve gone the CPA route, the H&R Block pay-someone-to-use-Taxcut route, the ask-your-cousin-who-is-a-CPA route, and the free-for-seniors-and-poor-college-students-if-you-sit-in-the-library-long-enough troute. In the end, TurboTax has been the most sensible and affordable option. Our tax situation isn’t that complicated, and really is true, that the one time I did my tax documents to an H&R Block in 2002, they just plugged my numbers into their TaxCut software. Honestly, I could do that. TurboTax has been easy enough for our needs. Furthermore, once my wife started doing the taxes for us in 2005, it’s been the easiest for me ever. 😉

Intuit's Turbotax 2009 & Quicken 2010

Intuit's Turbotax 2009 & Quicken 2010

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