Papa got a brand new STM medium cargo messenger bag

The days of carrying a broken laptop bag are over — my new bag came in, and I’m very surprised. Yes, surprised, and I’ll explain why. I priced it out at,, and Amazon, but they all varying delivery dates in the 6-18 day time frame. itself stated I could pre-order the bag, but I thought that was a little weird. I eventually ordered from Adorama Camera, an Marketplace seller with decent pricing and shipping fees. All the sellers offered expedited shipping but it was getting to more than $25 in shipping, so I thought I would slum it with regular shipping. I placed the order on Wed, and it was at the house two days later on Friday. Shipping timelines are so weird, but I’m pretty impressed with how quickly Adorama turned the order around. That was damn fast. One of my friends mentioned that he has also ordered from Adorama and had good experiences with that merchant.

The STM bag is decent enough, but it’s much like my recent replacement wallet. It doesn’t hold a lot, which is not at all that I wanted, but I suppose it’s good enough. This is precisely why I find it difficult to divine the true sense of a bag’s qualities when looking online at some posted photos. User reviews help, but still, it’s a crapshoot. The replacement wallet I bought last year is slim (I call it “my sexy wallet”) doesn’t hold as much as my old wallet, but slimmer is nicer. It’s forced me to carry less. I suppose the same rules will apply with this new laptop bag. I’ll be forced to carry less junk around, and there are certainly pros and cons associated. For now, it’s nice to commute with my hands free again.

My new bag

My new bag

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  1. Helen Oster says:

    Delighted that our super, speedy shipping from Adorama Camera hit the mark for you!

    BTW if you ever need advice or after-sales support with an order from Adorama, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador


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