I should join the electrical contractors union

Today, I installed the 2nd light light fixture in the upstairs hallway. It’s always a pain, but I’ve got it down to about two hours each time. I installed the 1st light fixture in the downstairs hallway last Sunday, but I had to wait until this weekend when we had some daylight, since you have to shut off the power before doing electrical work.

The toughest part of the overall installation is trying to slide the light fixture base onto the two screws (and washers) in the ceiling. You have to guide the two screws blind into two tiny holes in the light fixture base, but you can’t see where it’s going. One screw is in, the other isn’t. Then the revese the next time. The washers don’t come through the holes. The screws slide out of the holes when you tighten it too much.  And you’re doing all this while on a stepladder for two hours.

The best part was completing it about 15 mins before my parents showed up to visit, so I could show off my handiwork without looking too sweaty.

Thank goodness, we’re done for a while. It’s cheaper for me to do the electrical work than hiring an actual electrician, but geez, it’s a royal pain in the butt.

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