Men of a Certain Age

Last month, I started watching Men of a Certain Age, after I saw TNT running ads to promote their network lineup, including this show (see that, ABC? That’s how you promote your programming.)  So far, I’ve only missed the 2nd episode. The show features Ray Romano, Andre Braugher, and Scott Bakula as 40-something men in various phases of their lives. It follows the bonds that these three college friends have while dealing with the issues of middle age:

  • Romano’s character is a neurotic family man with two kids, but his wife is divorcing him.
  • Braugher’s character has a wife and kids, but is forced to work as a car salesman for his father’s dealership, in order to support the family.
  • Bakula’s character is an actor and ladies man, but he struggles-and-despises the roles he’s getting, e.g Lifetime movies.

Men of a Certain Age (2009)

It’s a new show, so it hadn’t been getting stellar ratings, but I think it’s pretty decent. Good stories, and good acting. It’s interesting to watch these three guys deal with the crap in their lives, but still talk and bond with each other. In every episode, they meet up at a diner to talk about what’s going on. If my best friends lived nearby, I know I’d be doing the same thing. Out of all the characters, I identify the most with Andre Braugher’s Owen character. He’s a family man who hates working for his unforgiving father (and who constantly disrespects him), but needs to keep doing what he’s doing to take care of the family. I haven’t seen Braugher in much, but he’s a terrific actor.

The good news is that TNT renewed it today (January 14 2010) for a second season. Again, TNT must believe in letting a new show develop an audience (again, ABC, you suck.)

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