I’m feeling better, and the great “unfriending” of 2009

The first thing I should mention or announce is that I’m feeling better. For most of last week, I was in a rotten mood. Absolutely rotten. Although I won’t divulge the sordid details, I accidently found out some bad…… things from my college days. See? A long time ago.

After a few days of thinking and venting, I’ve put the situation into context, and realize some people never changed, but remembered that I did. Somewhere along the way, I gained a life, a love, a family, and multitude of good friends that I am deeply grateful for their support.

On the flipside, I’ve had enough of people’s bullshit. People are either your friends, acquaintances, or people I don’t need in my life. On Facebook, I’ve made a number of connections with people from my past. Some have certainly been worth it, but others…. well, I guess that ‘something’ isn’t there anymore. I’m specifically talking about anybody I’ve said “Hi!” towards, in order to catch up via wall post or personal message. You know, if you can’t bother to reply back or, uh, respond, to hell with you. I’m not here to accumulate friends like Tila Tequila.

So, I began the great “unfriending” of 2009. Last week, I started with one college-era person from my past (this goes back to the beginning of this post), and unfriended a slew of people tonight. I wrote to a few additional people who are on the fence.  Maybe there were too busy the last time, so I’ll give them a second chance. Hey old best friend, I don’t want to be the only one of us who wants to catch up after all these years over a beer.  If it’s not that important to you, it sure as hell ain’t important to me either.

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