Daily Archives: December 22, 2009

The Galactic Empire takes control of Wall Street

I know it’s a popular event to get a chance to ring the opening bell the NY Stock Exchange, but this was just weird. Why is Darth Vader allowed to ring the opening bell this morning?  Flanked by Imperial Storm Troopers?  … Continue reading

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Rare in-utero images glimpse animals inside the womb

Pretty neat.  Anyone hear about this National Geographic documentary, Extraordinary Animals In The Womb airing last year in the States?  Maybe it was just in the UK? I would have watched it if I had known about it. More fascinating photos … Continue reading

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Roomba saves child from deadly viper

Read about this a while back. Pretty neat accident, but I think there’s a market for security robots in the home. In Israel, a couple came home to find that their Roomba had killed a venomous snake that snuck into … Continue reading

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