The Dalia Dippolito case just amazes me

I know Dalia Dippolito was arrested earlier this year, but the brazeness of this con artist still astounds me.  I’m not saying the intended victim (her husband) has a clean slate, besides having met his future wife when he hired her as a professional escort…..

In 2003 a Broward County judge placed Michael Dippolito on 28 years of probation for organized fraud over $50,000, grand theft and false telephone sales, state records show. He served about seven months of a two-year prison sentence on those charges.

If you are not familiar, Dalia Dippolito allegedly wanted her husband, Michael, dead. She is accused of trying to kill him — three times.  The couple had been married only six months. She had allegedly tipped police off (twice) to search his car for drugs,  Next, police say, she found a couple of would-be hit men. But they took her money and ran.

According to police reports, she then took matters into her own hands by attempting to poison him with antifreeze, but he survived.  Police say that she then found another hit man — but he was an undercover cop. In August 2009, the trap set, Dalia arrived home to find police and crime scene tape around her house.

After her initial….. performance as the grieving wife, police showed their cards, including the undercover video. She denied everything during interrogation, even when her “dead” husband walked into the room. She even called her hubby to get her out of jail.

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