NY Post: Melting Not – Why Young People Like Me Started Dating Within Our Race

Reporter Raakhee Mirchandani & her fiancee

Reporter Raakhee Mirchandani & her fiancee

An article by Raakhee Mirchandani, a features reporter for the New York Post. I came upon a mention of the article (dated March 14 2009) from Anna John’s HERstory blog, and it took me some time to locate the original article — Melting Not – Why Young People Like Me Started Dating Within Our Race.

Interesting article, which is similar to, I think, a few others, and partly my own.  I was open to dating non-Indians back then, but I knew there was something in my heart a little special about that exciting, pretty, Indian woman who later became my wife.  Everyone has to find their own “someone special”, and I do believe that you can only be happier when that special someone shares some of your interests, understands where you come from, and what’s important to you.

Again, I’m not a person who subscribes or preaches that for “You have to marry someone from the same race!” for the ultimate relationship happiness. That’s something people from my parents’ generation has always chanted. However, if you are both coming from the same culture, you are already starting the foundation on a relationship from the same core value — be it spiritual, cultural, or whatever. For me, finding someone who could also appreciate some good gulab jamun or a masala dosa (not to mention being very funny) really hits you.

I think the same applied to my wife, but you can always ask her for her side of the story. She’ll tell you that I was a jerk, but she’s just talking about today. 😉

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