That was a fun-filled and busy Labor Day Weekend

That was a fun-filled and busy Labor Day weekend. To summarize:

  1. My wife took the kids for lunch with her parents Saturday afternoon at some new Indian restaurant, where there was a special Onam (South India / Kerala state Thanksgiving, if you must.)
  2. BBQ at my friend Doug’s house Saturday afternoon up in Orange county. I brought the kids.
  3. Two of my Michigan friends, Paul and Sean, were in town for the weekend for separate events.  We partied it up with my friend Doug Saturday night….. in Lodi, NJ!
  4. Paul stayed over our house Saturday night.
  5. Lily wouldn’t sleep Saturday night, and she was up with us (my wife had the 10pm-3:30am shift, and I ended up taking the 3:30am – 5am shift (or whenever she fell asleep on me on the couch, and I fell asleep too.) All I know is that I woke up with Lily sleeping on me at 7:41am. She was up soon after.
  6. I took the kids to the pool late Sunday afternoon.  It got too cold after a while, so we went home 30 mins later.
  7. I had dinner with the kids and my in-laws at the fancy-shmancy Red Lobster. 
  8. Josh requested an imprompto sleepover at their house, and we obliged. I just had to get his pajamas and other stuff from home, and take them all over.  Lily stayed with me.
  9. Monday was wholesale club and other shopping in the afternoon.
  10. Monday night was a BBQ at my sister’s place.  We got home around 11pm.

Sometimes it was more “filled” than “fun”, but it was still an overall decent weekend.

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