Oh Raj, stop talking about the mouth

So, I stumbled upon this 2006 clip from a radio show somewhere in the U.S. It’s similar to those prank calls done by some radio stations like New York City’s 103.5 KTU’s War of the Roses program. If someone has suspicions that the significant other is cheating on them, the radio station offers some sort of incentive to the possible cheater, to find out what they would do.  Who would they send flowers to, who would they take somewhere, etc.

Check out the clip.  I considered if this bit could have been a fake, but the woman’s reaction sounds too authentic.


In this segment, the suspected cheater name is Raj (and yeah, he’s Indian), and without giving any surprises away, he should really have just stopped talking.  Or maybe not even opened his mouth at all.  Damn.

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