Working in the West Village

I’m working in the West Village this week. I gotta tell ya, there are a lot of leather and fetish shops down there. I’m just saying I have to pass by a lot of them between the Christopher Street subway station and the office. 😉  On a serious note, it’s just another colorful area of NYC with its own style and personality.  It’s a nice change of pace to be working in the city, but it sure is hot out there this week.

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to live in one of the NYC boroughs or Manhattan itself.  It was always too expensive for my blood, and trying to find affordable housing near a subway line was seemingly next to impossible.  My friend Doug and I almost did, but we ended up in NJ instead.  Doug later moved to Astoria Queens for a few years, but he was never a fan.

I’ve never been a fan of lower Manhattan with all the quirky streets.  The grid system from 14th Street and northwards works for me.  All the crazy streets below 14th St that twist and turn are too confusing.  I still remember wandering the Village at night a few years ago for 45 minutes, trying to find the Christopher St PATH station before finally giving up. 

There isn’t a lot ot eat down there either, but I’m exploring on my lunch break.  I went to one small deli yesterday, but the sandwich was disgusting.  I tried City Search today, but that website used to be better.  It’s just easier now to just take a walk.  Fresh air, stretch the legs, and some boots-on-the-ground exploring in 60 mins.

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  1. Josh says:

    Try using Yelp, way better version than Citysearch

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