It’s nice to watch Entourage again

We’re still within our 3 month HBO free trial from Verizon, and one of the benefits has been to catch up on Entourage. Back in our apartment days (2003-2005), we used to get HBO for free (don’t ask me, but we weren’t complaining) from the cable company.  Probably a snafu or odd programming error that went on for years, but I wasn’t going to force their hand to remove it.  I wasn’t stealing, so I had no issues with my conscience. 

Anywho, we started watching Entourage during Season 2, but after we moved, there was no more free HBO.  There was no value in paying for HBO for just one show either, no matter how much we enjoyed it weekly.  I do recall once renting one of the seasons on DVD, but that was not a regular occurence.

The cast of Entourage

The cast of Entourage

This month, we’ve been catching up on the 2nd half of season 3, the 4th season, the 5th season, and the current 6th season in progress.  What a great show.  It’s just so entertaining. I don’t know what we’re going to do when the 3-month trial ends.  Go back to living under the 59th St Bridge perhaps, as life won’t be worth living anymore.

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