There is so much good music out there

There is so much good music out there.

Do you realize how much music is out there?  I’ve been listening to my music collection this week, and while I enjoy the popular music that you hear on the radio, I equally enjoy the indie/electronic/rock music that I’m finding through alternative channels.  The free music through CNET’s, or friends collections, or sometimes the stuff you can just stumble into. 

Case in point.  Last year while visiting Toronto, we walked into a place where they were handing out free CDs by this local DJ who goes by the name “DJ Undercover.”  You know how good a free CD could be, but we didn’t throw it away.  We ended up listening to it in the rental car’s CD player the whole week.  Great electronic dance music mix, and because one night we were there in Toronto.  Go figure.

The music you listen and find through alternative means may never get any popular recognition, but it’s good.  How would the regular Joe the Plumber ever find it?  It makes me realize how much else is out there that we have no idea about, but would probably love if we knew about it and were exposed to it.

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