Study states obvious…. Women are hard to read

A recent study by researchers at Indiana University reported that women are hard to read.  No shit. How much did they spend on this one?

Researchers at Indiana University showed video clips from 24 different speed dates and asked male and female participants two simple questions: “Do you think the man was interested in this woman?” and “Do you think the woman was interested in this man?” Their answers were then compared with the responses of the speed daters themselves.

The results, published in the January issue of the journal Psychological Science, show that both men and women are able to gauge a man’s interest in a woman, but are equally baffled when it comes to figuring out if a woman is interested in a man.

Any guy who has tried to impress a woman in a bar, a billiards hall, partying at Webster Hall, hanging out with one, window shopping at the NYC Virgin Megastore, or even chatting over email or IM, will tell you that.  Maybe it makes life more fun dealing with them, I don’t know.  Then again, if you compliment them, then they want to know why you are complimenting them.

Whatever works to distract them while the flat-screen tv you secretly ordered is being delivered to the house, and hidden in the basement.

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