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I read an article this week by a Dr. Nick Neave out of the UK, titled Sorry, but women are dependent on men. I’m going to open the topic up for discussion.   The writer is an evolutionary psychologist from Britain’s Northumbria University. He has arrived at the conclusion that not only do women need men, they are fundamentally programmed to depend on them.  I don’t know if I fully agree or disagree with the good doctor, but he raises some interesting points.  Heck, I was listening to a Trisha Yearwood song earlier, “There Goes My Baby”, and she was singing about abandonment.

You’re a successful woman with a job to die for, a fabulous home and a supportive husband, but do you ever get the urge to check his mobile phone for love messages? Or his bank statements for intimate meals a deux that you didn’t share? And do you lie awake at night worrying how you’ll cope if the worst happens, your fears are proved and your husband walks out?

Don’t worry. Your suspicion is only natural. At the risk of sounding extraordinarily sexist, I’m convinced that women, even in the happiest of relationships, are programmed to worry their men are going to abandon them.

And they’re terrified – in a way that most men find it frankly impossible to imagine. What’s more, if their forebodings come true, women are more inclined to forgive an affair than a man if the shoe is on the other foot. That’s not because they’re nicer, more easygoing individuals. It’s simply because their primeval urge to hang onto a male provider is so strong.

After reading the article, what do you think?  Okay, now discuss among yourselves, and post back.  I’d like to know.

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