Joel is lean and mean

I’m wrapping up my 2nd week back at the gym.  I’ve lost 3 lbs. so far, which isn’t that impressive, as it’s just the usual few pounds you lose after your body is shocked by the sudden change from a sedentary to active lifestyle.   It’s obviously been tough to find time to work out.  I try to go at lunch time, but there’s often too much going on during the day for me to go at lunch time without guilt.  I’ve had to work out at the gym more often after 5:30pm, which unfortunately gets me home late. 

Thankfully, my wife is supporting me on my 2009 back-to-basics health kick, even if she doesn’t believe I need to work out.  She’s sweet.  Deluded, but sweet.

It’s also been about portion control.  I have cut back on the frequency of fries, sweets, and other foods with empty calories.  I cut back on the soda, and drinking more water from the water fountain at the office.  Speaking of portion control, the Today show had an article about a new diet book, The Belly Off Diet, by Jeff Csatari.  I’m not buying the book, but it’s interesting to read how food portions have grown ginormous since the 1950’s.

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