I want a PlayStation 3

I am 99% sure now that I want to get a PlayStation 3 game console.  I was talking it over with my wife this evening, and I think I want it.  I’ve been weighing it in my head, but I’m overthinking it.  It’s a game console that I can play some fun games when I need to decompress.  Plenty of games that I want to play are now available, such as God of War III, Half Life 2, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and Bioshock. I think it would be fun to play games more often.

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  1. jimboy says:

    If you plan on playing online, go with the Xbox. I only use the PS3 now for watching blu-ray movies. Xbox is better in my opinion especially if you plan on using it as a media extender. it’s much easier to use. i have mine streaming vids from my pc using orb. i’m sure you can use whatever windows comes with, but i like orb better.

  2. Joel says:

    I’ve been weighing both the XBox 360 and the PS3. The reasons I’ve been leaning towards the PS3 are:

    • the system itself is pretty nice (quiet, reliable, and gives me a comfort feeling that I can play games on it for the 7-10 year lifespan), compared to the horror stories I read about the RRoD.
    • the game selection has improved so I think it’s basically on par with the XBox for all intensive purposes (I checked, and except for Gears of War, there are plenty of run-and-gun games available that I want to play.)
    • It has Blu-ray. I want to get Blu-ray.
    • It has nice features like built-in Wi-Fi.

    I have a friend or two who want to play online within the Xbox Live network, but I think that would be few and far between. Considering my schedule with the kids, I’d be playing at irregular times, and I wouldn’t expect or hope to have a friend online at the same time. I don’t expect to be swapping games with anyone. I just want a good system, excellent graphics and gameplay, so I can play by myself the few games I want to play over the course of a year.

    My wife seems okay with the idea. I just have to decide when I’m going to pull the trigger on the purchase.

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