Did you know that Stephen Fowler sucks?

Maybe I’m just out of the loop on reality TV, but I just found out that Stephen Fowler, a recent participant on the ABC TV show Wife Swap, came across as a jerk.  His performance has inspired a Web site, StephenFowlerSucks.com, a Facebook group, “I Can not Stand Stephen Fowler from `Wife Swap,'” and public condemnation by his own wife, who on her blog urged him to get professional help.  He’s facing a bit of a fallout online because of his bad behavior.

I’ve watched a few episodes of Wife Swap, but not regularly.  It’s somewhat uncomfortable TV– I still won’t forget the episode I saw with this extreme right-wing Christian family where the husband dictated the rules.  All of these shows where you see people acting so arrogant, and so disparaging of other people and their beliefs and lifestyles.  I just don’t get it.  Why can’t people be more open-minded?

I watched the highlights video on YouTube, and you know what?  He is a jerk.

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