Bluetooth headsets have a time and place

Don’t get me wrong.  I think Bluetooth headsets are very nice.  They’re neat and sure beat out corded headsets.  They make talking and driving more comfortable.  However, I believe they should be used in the car, and that’s it.  Or you use it in that certain one-off instance, such as a conference call, and are sitting somewhere by yourself.

Bluetooth headset and sipping soup

Bluetooth headset and sipping soup

I don’t think people should have them glued to their ears all day.  If you aren’t a customer service rep, or work in a helpdesk, don’t wear a headset all day.  There was a guy in my company once that used to wear his 8 hours a day, in the office, in meetings, etc.  He would sit there in the meeting wearing it, blue light flashing.  I see more and more people walking around, even in the office pantry getting coffee with other coworkers, with a headset on their ear.

Why?  If you aren’t on the phone, stop wearing the headset.  Are you worried about cell phone radiation?  Buy a different phone.  Or wear aluminum foil.  But stop looking like a douchebag.

That’s right, I said it.  It annoys me that much.

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