A Former Nun’s Memoirs Rock India’s Catholic Church | Time.com

I’m posting, because it’s about my family’s home state of Kerala, India.

After 26 years as a nun, Jesme Raphael gave up her robes and walked out of the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel, the Catholic order in Kerala, India, that had been her home for three decades. Two years later, Raphael, now 53, has come out with her memoirs, Amen: An Autobiography of A Nun, cataloging lurid details of bullying, sexual abuse and homosexuality in the oldest Catholic women’s order in the idyllic coastal state in southern India. Shocking as it is, the book is only the latest in a long series of accusations and scandals afflicting the Catholic Church in the state with the largest population of Christians in India.

The article is A Former Nun’s Memoirs Rock India’s Catholic Church. I’m not surprised, but I’m irritated by the nonchalant and dismissive attitude of some of the clergy and others within the Catholic church.  Very typical of some of these people who want to deny the problem, and simply hope the problem goes away.

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