Updated photo galleries

With a little help from my friends, I’ve added new photos to the galleries, and uploaded photos from November through yesterday’s trip to the Liberty Science Center:

  • November -> See additional photos from Heidi’s birthday party, courtesy of Vijay.
  • December -> There are plenty of photos now from our Christmas get-together (somebody came up with a red theme) at Reeba’s place.
  • December -> Some pics of Josh’s new Nativity action playset.  Are those action figures?
  • December -> I’ve posted grainy pictures from Poppy’s surprise 60th birthday party. [Courtesy of our temporary disposable camera, as we couldn’t find our digital camera.]
  • January -> Photos from my parents’ New Year’s party. [Also grainy.]
  • January -> The last batch of grainy photos, from our father-son visit to the train show in Oaks, PA.
  • January -> Our father-son trip to the Liberty Science Center. [With our newly found digital camera!]


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