New York, New York

I’m working and attending meetings in New York City this week (Tuesday and Wednesday.)  It’s certainly been a long while since I was working in the downtown office.  Heck, so many different things going on in the city.  All the construction on the new subway/transit center near WTC, all the construction and security for the upcoming anniversary of the attacks in two days.  You can forget how vibrant the city can be.

I was all set to eat Chipotle steak fajita burrito today.  I haven’t eaten from Chipotle in months, and there are two in the downtown area.  I read how the burritos are nutritionally enough for two people, so I skipped breakfast and morning snacks, so I could balance the large meal.  However, it was pouring rain today, and not worth the walk to and from in the rain.  I ended up eating a chicken salad sandwich from the cafeteria downstairs.  I tell ya, when I fall from grace, I really fall from grace.  Better luck tomorrow.

I should check the weather.  How will I do that?  Why, with my iPod.  Now that the price has dropped, and more features have been added, I’ve bitten the bullet and upgraded to the v2.1 software for iPhone and iPod Touch.  I held off from January to August, but I finally cracked when I saw all the really cool apps in the App Store, and many gratis!  You can now supposedly view saved song lyrics.  Weather, Stocks, Maps, and all those apps for education, entertainment, etc, for the recently lowered price of $9.95. Done. I also installed iTunes 8 for the low, low price of free.  We’re synching at the moment.

Speaking of purchases, I have lost another phone holster.  I keep snapping off the belt clip piece when I get in the car.  I’m such an idiot.  I lost the original $30 one…..somewhere in the house, broke the $8 replacement 24 hours later in the car, and broke the $30 one from Manhattan in 72 hours.  My new plan is to purchase 2-3 of the $8 ones, and keep them on hand.

And move the seat in my car back a few inches.

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