Cleaning house, new earphones, Sunday School

Quick update:

  1. We spent the weekend cleaning up the house.  We had some free time, and took advantage of the free time to take back the night.  I mean, the house.  Having children means constantly battling against the tides of messiness.  Often, I think back to 2002 when my friend Leena was telling me how she spent an afternoon cleaning her car, vacuuming up all the Cheerios that her daughter Alisha left.  It took me 6-7 years later to understand what she was talking about. 
  2. I find it humorous how some of these online vendors encourage you to spend extra on faster shipping by telling you that opting for free shipping will require you to wait 20 days or whatever for your much-desired purchase to arrive.  In the meantime, it shows up within 3 days anyway.  Happens to me all the time with anything I purchase from  This happened with Circuit City too.  The website informed me that while the item would ship on 9/16, estimated arrival time was 9/30.  How were they shipping it?  By mule?  Later, I received the Fedex tracking number, and Fedex anticipates delivering it 9/16.  Yes, that’s right, 9/16.  Dear Circuit City, get a clue.  I can’t wait to try the new earphones out.
  3. Joshua attended his first-ever Sunday School class this weekend.  He liked it, but I think he just did some coloring (he is only 3-years old.)  My little guy is growing up!
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