Breaking news flash — I talk too much

The past few months, I’ve gone over my allotted 450 cell phone minutes. Way over.  Ridiculously over.  Consecutive months.  I’ve actually even used up my rollover minutes too, and it’s frustrating. I’m currently on the 450 minutes plan from AT&T, with rollover, and the Blackberry data plan.  When I was with Verizon Wireless, 400 mins was more than adequate, as most of my family and friends were on Verizon Wireless too (I benefited from all the free in-network calling.)

Now, everyone is costing me every time they call me.  Did you ever get that feeling I was rushing you off the phone?  It’s because I was watching my call timer, fuming, and wondering when you would shut up about whether to get a margarita or a daiquiri while you were at the swim-up bar.  I checked my recent bill, and I’m maybe $30 over what should be my regular monthly bill amount.  Enough, I say.  I upgraded to the 900 minutes plan for another $15.

You know what?  It’s worth it.  By the time I finish talking to my parents, my wife, my friends, my coworkers, my boss, I’ve eaten up my minutes with 2 weeks left in the bill cycle.  Let’s see how it goes.  If I change my mind, I’ll drop the rate plan down.

On another note, I do like how quickly I qualify for phone upgrades.  According to AT&T, I’m eligible for a new phone on Feb 13 2009.  According to the Boy Genius Report, the AT&T roadmap has been leaked, and there are a number of cool new phones coming out for their network. Personally, I’ve got my eye on the Blackberry Bold.

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