August doldrums

I read something somewhere that August was considered the doldrums.  Whover “they” are, they are correct.  The summer is about over, there isn’t much going on, it’s hot outside. I can feel it.  I think I’m slightly burned out, eight months into the year.  I believe it’s the fact that I’ve taken little of my alloted vacation time this year.  I was supposed to take two weeks off in March/April after Lily’s birth, but I ended up taking only two days.  I’ve taken maybe 3-4 max this year, but nothing contiguous.  I think that’s the problem.  I’ve got a little under 15 days left to take this year.  I’m already taking two days in August, but maybe I should take a few more.  Maybe some more in September as well.  I gotta think about it.

This weekend was fairly quiet and uneventful (see previous paragraph.)  We had dinner with Num’s parents at Chutney Manor over in South Brunswick.  A little upscale, and the food was excellent.  I got the chicken vindaloo and saag paneer.  Oh man, it was good, and I tried not to stuff myself.  Tried.

Oh, I did forget the “big news.”  My Norelco beard/mustache trimmer (purchased September 2003 — ha, I still remember the wild goose chase through Essex county that mid-Sept night) stopped working after five years.  Go figure.  My beard has been getting bushier, and no one locally sells the replacement I want — the Norelco T980.  I ordered it from, but it won’t be here for a few more days.  Meanwhile, did I mention the beard was getting bushier?  I made an executive decision, and shaved it all off Friday morning.

I'm 21 again

I'm 21 again

I was instanteously transformed into Joel, circa 1997.  I figure I only have a few days until my chin returns to its original erogenous self.  My wife hates it, but the beard will return.

Speaking of, it’s definitely been my favorite store for years.  I lost my phone holster and all my cell phone wall chargers, so I ordered new ones through their merchant program.  I ordered a replacement holster for $8, and a new wall charger for $4.  The original holster cost me $30 at the AT&T store back in January.  Sucks that I lost it, but awesome that I don’t have to spend gobs of money to replace it.

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