Hanging out with family and friends

Saturday night, Anju, Sunny, and Sophia came over to visit.  We tried out this Latin restaurant nearby for the first time.  Pretty decent, and very nice empañadas.

Joshua, Sophia, and Anju

On a beautiful-yet-hot Sunday in July, we packed the car, and drove to a BBQ that our friends Pradeep and Heidi were hosting.  We also celebrated our friend Plexy’s upcoming birthday, since we had everyone together.  I’m glad we had a nice opportunity to get out and hang out with friends. We think we spend way too much time at home washing and folding laundry these days. 🙂

Lily Premod & Sandhya Sona getting a little help Anil & family Lesh feeding Ethan

Afterward, we made a trip to New York to see my parents for a little while.  My mother packed us all this food, but I’m not complaining.  I love my Mom’s cooking!

I used to read Cracked magazine regularly while growing up at the town library.  Cracked is now online.  Two funny articles:

I’m back in Philadelphia all this week.  Fun. Stuff.

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