And then there were five….

We lost another fish this morning — the blue molly.  Found him/her on the bottom of the tank.  What’s the deal?  I thought fish were easy upkeep?  Keep the water clean, feed them once a day, throw a hamster in for a few minutes for excitement, and that was it?  Hmmmm.  I have a mystery on my hands.  We’re down to just 4 little guppies left, and the gold molly, but he’s been acting weird.  I may have another fatality on my hands, I suspect.

Burger Kings\' Indy Double Whopper

I didn’t have dinner the night before, or breakfast, so out and about in the Philadelphia suburbs for lunch today, I spied a Burger King.  I opted for the Indy Double Whopper.  I don’t see it on the online menu, so maybe it’s a limited time and location offer. The new Indy double whopper is stacked with two beef patties, crispy bacon, pepper jack cheese and blackened cajun mayo. I did a double-take at the drive-thru menu.  Blackened cajun mayo? How the hell do you blacken mayo?  After eating it, I thought I was going to actually die.  Two patties, bacon, and cheese.  It was tasty, but too much food, man.

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