A lazy July 4th 2008

Ah, nothing better than a 3-day weekend.  Well, that’s not true.  I do appreciate the rare 4-day weekend (e.g. Thanksgiving.) Yesterday, due to unforeseen circumstances, I ended up working from home.  There was an early dismissal, but it didn’t matter to me working from home.  Ah well, at least I beat traffic.  I’m in Pennsylvania for most of next week, and I think I have everything I need to be on the road, minus an extra hub/switch.

We’re keeping it simple this weekend.  Last night, we went to picnic and settle in to see the fireworks.  I have to tell you, it was the easiest trip ever, since the fireworks were at a nearby park that is just walking distance away.  For the first time, we didn’t have to find parking, or battle it out to slowly get out after the whole show was over.  While everyone slowly made their way out under police direction, we pushed two strollers, and were home in 10 minutes.

Speaking of the picnic, Nums made pita bread and baba ganoush for appetizers, beef shish kabobs for the entree, with potato salad on the side, and fresh fruit for dessert.  We traditionally break out the shrimp cocktail, but we didn’t want to leave Josh out of the fun. (Because of his other food allergies, we’re staying away from seafood until he’s older.) It was all very good.

Joel & Lily relaxing on July 3rd Nums & Josh relaxing on July 3rd

Oh you want to hear what was weird?  As we were walking to the park, we walked by some woods, and we saw that tomcat that I mentioned earlier on Monday?  Well, he was chillin’ out on the grass.  Then we noticed 7 other cats all hanging out there too.  I think the tomcat is the gang leader of a cat gang, and we stumbled onto their turf! Needless to say, we strolled quickly on.

Today, we’re just chillin’ at home.  Tonight, we’re watching The Land Before Time, which is an old 80’s animated movie for Josh.  For the grownups, we’re watching Atonement, unless we fall asleep.  Relaxing at home is hard work.

I definitely think WordPress is interesting, and I’m still playing around with it.  I’m trying out different plugins and themes, but I’ve already had my first complaints or criticisms about the redesign.  To each his or her own.

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3 Responses to A lazy July 4th 2008

  1. jimboy says:

    i’m glad you finally switched to wp. you’ll find it much easier to manage now. no more static pages to worry about! my first recommendation is to change how your urls are displayed. what i mean is that now it says https://www.joelipe.com/?p=18 where it could say sometime like https://www.joelipe.com/july/a-lazy-july-4th-2008/. it looks nicer and it much more search engine friendly.

    keep playing around with wp and the themes. you’ll find something that fits you well. i went with a single column theme and i like how it turned out. worst comes you can always convert your old site into a wp theme and use that.

  2. jimboy says:

    oh one more thing, blog spam is something that you will encounter alot of using wp. i don’t know if you are using akismet or not, but i would use that to help reduce the amount of spam that you will eventually get.

  3. admin says:

    I was wondering what to do about those URLs. Sounds like a reasonable recommendation — I’ll change it. BTW, I looked into akismet and signed up at wordpress.com, but I’m still waiting for the activation email. Done it twice, and it’s been two days now. Nothing in my junkmail folder either!

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