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"So Joel, yet I can't turn away."
--George Koshy

Thursday, Oct 31st 2002

Happy Halloween, you freaks. I did nothing special today, except laundry. I did want to share one little tidbit with y'all. One of my guilty pleasures is to visit a cool site called The Crime Library. It's a superbly comprehensive site covering hundreds of in-depth true notorious crime stories. They cover the background, the crime, the trial (if any), and follow-up speculation and theories. It's just plain fascinating, if you ask me.

Last night, I read about this guy who, in 1903, fell in love with this married woman, and he ended up living in her attic for over 20 years so they could continue the love affair. Nuts, right? It gets worse! The husband suspected that something was up, but the wife kept telling him that he was drunk.

If you find this type of thing unbelieveably interesting, you might just want to check it out.

Wednesday, Oct 30th 2002

As usual, another bad episode of Enterprise tonight called "Marauders." Just another shameless excuse to get Jolene Blalock in a tight one-piece of clothing that wasn't a uniform. As a Trek fan, I think it's sad. As a guy, hey, can't complain.

In other news, Steven Seagal is back with a new movie. He's apparently in prison...with Ja Rule? It's called "Half Past Dead" and looks bad. When will Steven Seagal finally give it up?

Although I could care less about Segal movies (though Marked for Death and Out for Justice are decent movies), there are a few movies that I'm looking forward to. Namely, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and Star Trek Nemesis. Both look pretty good, but Lord of the Rings is a definite winner. Star Trek movies, in case you didn't know, are hit-or-miss. (Some are good, others make you shake your head in disgust.) The new Towers trailer is out, and it's pretty sweet. Check it out!

I never thought cat poop could be radioactive. Check out this news bite on how much it costs to clean up that kind of mess.

And to cheer up Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, I've ordered a few things at to help the economy. (Yeah, that's why I did it.)

I ordered:

I've put X-Men Collector's Edition and Spiderman on my Wish List while I consider them. Anyway, by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, my Lord of the Rings and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones dvds will be here.

Good times that weekend!

Tuesday, Oct 29th 2002

Good news--I got a new housewarming gift! Shibu and Lisa felt the pain inside emptiness that cried out "I need pots and pans. I yearn for saucepans, saute pans, and dutch ovens." Check it out. They even did gift-wrapping! Now I just have to wash them, and do some weird seasoning with oil. This is new to me.

../PG/Misc/T-FAL_001.jpg (48463 bytes)
../PG/Misc/T-FAL_002.jpg (40757 bytes)
../PG/Misc/T-FAL_003.jpg (38601 bytes)
That damn cat is everywhere She's auditioning for "The Price is Right" I'm really happy

In other news, the redesign continues. Check out the new sidebars on the right. Like? Dislike? Want me to piss off? Let me know if you have any suggestions.

And lastly, it is still too cold to go cycling. So, unless the weather gets warmer, or I get warmer clothes, the bike will have to wait until Spring. ARGH!

Monday, Oct 28th 2002

The new Charlie's Angels 2 teaser trailer is out. Take a peek.

I've already begun changing some of the look and feel of the site. You'll notice the dates for one, and also the way hyperlinks are displayed. I'm still playing around with colors.

I'm considering replacing my "Resume" section with an online store where you can buy paraphenalia. How kooky is that? Well, I'll let you know what I decide to do. First, I need to finalize my logo.

And now, just to share something odd. I checked my website stats, and according to my hosting provider, this is a listing the top 30 query words by the number of requests, sorted by the number of requests since July 27th 2002.

#reqs: search term
-----: -----------
108: pwc
86: pictures
81: george
57: simi
55: montclair
49: john
49: stamos
42: direct
41: nyc
40: or
38: resume
36: jpg
35: of
33: st
33: bart's
31: pics
31: and
30: girls
29: 330i
28: cabaret
25: it
25: joel
24: lina
24: ipe
24: picture
22: inflatable
22: clothing
20: photo
17: nj
993: [not listed: 103 search terms]

Of all the items on this list, what's up with #22 "inflatable clothing"???

Sunday, Oct 27th 2002

Leena's party was pretty ok. Think I just wanted to see her (one of my closest friends.) Must be, right? I drove two hours out there, and two and 1/2 hours back. Leena showed me how to hold a baby (using Alisha as a prop.) I learned, and Alisha didn't throw up on me. There was significant drooling though. I hope that's normal.

For all our sakes.

Here's the rest of the weekend rundown:

  • Visited the parents, and they gave me all this food for the week. See, my parents can be pretty nice sometimes.
  • Helped my cousin Shibu start building a website for his daughter.
  • Watched the Sopranos (really wasn't that great tonight, personally.)
And the biggest news of all? I've started playing around with CSS (cascading style sheets.) Yeah, long time coming. Expect to see a slightly new refined look to the site this week. Forgive the bugs!

Saturday, Oct 26th 2002

Ok, so Comcast is getting on my nerves a tad bit. The signal is horrible on my tv, and I have no internet access since last night. Technician gets here, and tells me that that they're replacing all the wiring in my building on Monday. In the meantime, he jury-rigs it so that I can watch tv, or surf the internet, but not both. I have to switch the cable connection splitter depending on what I want to do. Nice.

Other interesting news....spoke to the technician about Jersey City and Comcast's requirement that you need a cable box to get HBO and good stuff. You know why? Because the contractors there are all corrupt. There's a huge problem with these guys there giving away HBO and premium channels and bribery. Here in Glen Ridge, it's not a problem. Interesting to know.

I did some nighttime cycling Thurs night, and that was tough. It was cold and dark, and I narrowly missed some dark cars parked on the road. Also, it was so cold that my thumbs were numb. I went biking the daytime! It's warmer, and I got to see the sights around here. Dropped off my shirts to the cleaners, got a haircut at "Joe's Barbershop" (I love Italian barbers, but not in that way), and saw a lot of Bloomfield. I'm happy. Also, my legs feel like jelly. I did a lot today. I think I'll just drive to Big KMart instead. Going to Leena's for a little get-together tonight. I'm bringing the Olympus tonight, just to keep the dust from building up.

And, just for you inquisitive folks, here's some news about Christina Aguilera:

For most, the antidote to a bad day is a giant tub of rocky road ice cream. For Christina Aguilera, it's putting another hole in her head.

The increasingly shameless pop star tells Rolling Stone that she gets a body piercing whenever she has a bad day. To date, the 21-year-old has 11 piercings — five in her ears, two in her nose, one on her lower lip and one on her right nipple. The other two are in personal places that only her doctors and boyfriends know about.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Yikes!"

Friday, Oct 25th 2002

Some thanks to my Dad are in order. My dad had successfully argued with Cablevision about some bogus "install" charges they tried to foist on him (for turning the cable on in the new house.) Now, Comcast had recently tried to charge me $36 for "install" fees as well. I sat on the phone with their rep, using my Dad's approach....

[Joel] "What's the deal? There was nothing to install---just turn it on."

[Comcast]" Uh, sir, you should have transferred your account. Instead, you cancelled and started a new one."

[Joel] "Well, the rep I spoke to told me that was the way to do it. Now, you're very knowledgeable, but the other one I spoke to wasn't. Why should I pay for their mistake?"

[Comcast] "Ok, sir. We'll credit you that amount. Also, it looks like 'they' never cancelled your service in Jersey City. I'll credit your account the $122 also."

[Joel] [muttering] "You're damn right." "They never cancelled? What morons!"

Bada-bing! I got credited 36 bucks! Thanks Dad.

Thursday, Oct 24th 2002

Sometimes, I just don't have my head on straight. On the way home, I rush off the train at my stop, step onto the platform, and realize I left my monthly train pass on the seat. Then the doors closed, and my train left. Now I need to buy a weekly pass to cover next week. Needless to say, I got home, jumped on the bike, and took off down the road to work off the anger. Man, like I need to spend another $40 on transportation this month!

In other train-related news, (and I'm quoting from

The FBI issued a warning to state and local law enforcement nationwide today about a possible attack soon against transportation systems, particularly railroads.

Officials said the warning, based on information obtained from al Qaeda prisoners, suggested that terrorists may try to take out bridges, key sections of tracks or train engines in an effort to cause derailments and widespread damage.

Maybe I should bike the 12 hours into the city tomorrow? BTW, here are the actual pictures of my bike in the "garage" (in reality, my future dining room.)

../PG/Misc/FujiFinestAL_001.jpg (44993 bytes)
../PG/Misc/FujiFinestAL_002.jpg (41233 bytes)


In other depressing news, scientists have come to the conclusion that antibacterial soap is "a waste of time." In fact, the overuse of antibacterial soap may contribute to a whole new breed of hard-to-kill superbugs. You know, today is just getting worse.

In non-depressing news, check out Kylie Minogue's new video "Come Into My World" because I think it's pretty cool. One place you can find it is on Launch! [Look for her under Pop music.]

And for you feline fans who are enthralled by news regarding my cat, here she is eating tonight. What's on the menu? Carved beef in gravy. You know, I think she's eating better than I am.

../PG/Misc/MissyEating.jpg (27132 bytes)

Monday, Oct 21st 2002

Remember how I said I'd get the bike "sometime within the next 30 days"? Yeah, so, I put a deposit down about 24 hours after I saw it on Sunday.

Folks, that is the quickest that Joel has ever capitulated to his urges. Somebody get a news reporter. I'm paying off the rest (and riding it home) tomorrow evening.

After doing some bills last night, I was checking out the Entertainment Weekly magazine website, and they've got exclusive pictures from the new X-Men 2 movie. Here they are. Enjoy!

../PG/Misc/Movie_x2_001.jpg (26088 bytes)
../PG/Misc/Movie_x2_002.jpg (26308 bytes)
../PG/Misc/Movie_x2_003.jpg (24821 bytes)
../PG/Misc/Movie_x2_004.jpg (26570 bytes)
As Yuriko Oyama [Lady Deathstryke], ''Scorpion King'' star Kelly Hu is a talon-ted adversary for Wolverine X-Man Cyclops (James Marsden, left) looks ready to stick it to a guard at Magneto's prison Halle Berry returns as X-Men team leader Storm Brian Cox plays Gen. William Stryker, an enemy from the mutants' pasts
../PG/Misc/Movie_x2_005.jpg (26267 bytes)
../PG/Misc/Movie_x2_006.jpg (24892 bytes)
../PG/Misc/Movie_x2_007.jpg (25996 bytes)
../PG/Misc/Movie_x2_008.jpg (25922 bytes)
Even in their civvies, Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Pyro (Aaron Stanford), and Rogue (Anna Paquin) remain on their guard Colossus, aka Piotr Rasputin (played by 6'8'' Daniel Cudmore) protects his fellow X-Men Hugh Jackman's Wolverine returns to save Professor Xavier's school, the X-Men's refuge, from attack How does metal-manipulating mutant Magneto (Ian McKellen, left) overpower this guard in his all-plastic prison? You'll have to wait and see


Sunday, Oct 20th 2002

I skipped church today, as I am following my policy of not attending any worship services held in Malayalam (what we Malayalees speak.) There's no reason to drive one hour up to White Plain NY, pay the tolls and gas, and then sit in a church to listen to a service that I can't understand or enjoy.

Also, I'm rather peeved at the clueless kids in my church. We had our long-planned "Career Workshop" for all the high school, college, and working youth. Mary and I had worked pretty hard, got quality speakers, created great sessions on resume writing, gaining work experience, interviewing, etc. The result? 10 kids show up, and four of them leave after lunch to do something else. The program itself came off very well, but the attendance was horrible. I am seriously just plain disgusted by these clueless kids. I mean, I think they all expect to get out of school and just have jobs fall into their laps.

Afterwards, I unwound over at Tom & Mary's home with them and two of the speakers (they're all family friends.) I then drove the 2 hours through traffic to get back to Jersey so I could get dinner with Num out in Montclair at the Thai Chef Restaurant.

Following dinner, we drove to Wayne NJ to see "The Ring." Yeah, that was freaky. See it. It will scare the shit out of you. I watched most of the movie hiding my eyes behind my jacket collar. Of course, Num loves horror movies, and enjoyed this one. What can I say? I hate horror movies. Yeah, well, same to you.


When I was young, I used to love to get on my bike and go all over the place. I haven't biked around in a long time, and I surely do miss the feeling of the wind whipping by me. Yes, I do feel the need for speed. I've decided to do something about it....get a new bike. I've been doing some research--there are touring bikes, hybrids, mountain, BMX, and the relaxed "Lifestyle" types out there. I went over to Brookdale Cycle in Bloomfield NJ to see what they had, and I think I found it: the Fuji Finest-AL. It's a 24-speed Touring bike, all aluminum (lightweight.) The price is much higher than my first bike, but boy, the test ride sure was fun. Before the weather gets too cold, I'm pretty sure I'm going to pick it up sometime in the next 30 days.

../PG/Misc/FujiFinestAL.jpg (22194 bytes)

Maybe I'll talk to Hasbro about creating the "Go Go Joel Racer" action figure.

Thursday, Oct 17th 2002

Rather uneventful day at work today. For lunch, Sudeep, Tom, my friend Doug, and I met up (not simultaneously) at Virgil's Real BBQ Virgil's Real BBQon 44th St between 6th and Broadway. [No pictures, cause I'm an idiot and left the camera in my desk.]

Lunch was good, but the best part was that I had hush puppies for the first time in over two years. Tom and Doug didn't understand it, but hush puppies are the best. When I had a client down on Water Street, my team used to go down to the South Street Seaport and eat at this Southern seafood place called Gators Southern Seafood, and I had hush puppies there for the first time. (Ah, Joel's first time.) We used to order plate after plate of that stuff.

Anyway, I'll shut up about the hush puppies now. In the evening, I met up with some friends at a SANA (South Asian Networking Association) Happy Hour at Pangaea down on Lafayette St. Luckily, I had my camera this time.

../PG/Friends/SANA101702_001.jpg (25920 bytes)
../PG/Friends/SANA101702_002.jpg (35541 bytes)
../PG/Friends/SANA101702_003.jpg (36091 bytes)
../PG/Friends/SANA101702_004.jpg (31740 bytes)
Vib, with our new friend Bina
Big crowd
On the other side too
Ah, it's good to be with friends, even the sleepy ones
Interesting notes about Pangaea:
  1. There are naked (full-frontal) pictures of women everywhere, as you'll notice on the wall behind Beena's head.
  2. In the men's bathroom, there are no urinals. Instead, you "relieve yourself" on the wall where water is just pouring down like a fountain. (I wonder what the women's bathroom has.)
  3. Mixed drinks were $9 and $10. Too expensive for my tastes.

Wednesday, Oct 16th 2002

I'm unofficially adding a new item to my wishlist--pot holders. I had to use my t-shirt to pour out the water from my macaroni (and cheese.) It's supposed to be Kraft Cheese and Macaroni, not Pain and Macaroni.

I spoke to Josh (aka "The Belly"), and Janet is sending copies of the Houston pictures I so desperately want. Also, Josh is sending me the shirt I left over there in Texas. Woo-hoo!

Tuesday, Oct 15th 2002

One of my biggest problems is that I'm an impatient person; I always want everything right away. Now, I'm not saying I'm spoiled. I just hate waiting for stuff. If I order something online, I want it tomorrow. The reason I'm bringing this up is that I'm fighting the strong urge to get my apartment all set up, right now. The reality is that I can't afford to get everything right now.

"Let's go to the videotape: Watch now as Joel runs headlong into the hard, unforgiving, brick wall of reality."

For your benefit, I'm going to start a running checklist of items that I need for my apartment. Why? This way, you can live the "Joel Ipe dream" and watch as I get each and every item.

Bombardier JetTrainIn non-Joel news, Bombardier (Canadian company that, among other things, makes trains) has unveiled their new JetTrain. While they've made trains such as Amtrack's Acela line and the new train cars that I take to the city, this train is uses a Pratt & Whitney jet engine for propulsion to hit 150 mph. Check out the full article on Yahoo! News.

Monday, Oct 14th 2002

Semi busy weekend, so yes, that's why I'm only getting to it now. :P

Friday night, met up with Julie, Doug, and a few others to chill out in the city over a few drinks. Nothing special, but at least I'm not hanging out in my apartment with my thumb up my own butt.

Saturday, the Ever-Thoughtful-Teena gave me my first housewarming gift...a TOASTER OVEN! Take a peek.

../PG/Misc/ovens.jpg (28262 bytes)

Isn't she the best!?! Far be it for me to not spend money; I immediately ran out to KMart to get a new microwave oven. It's below the toaster oven. It rotates my food. All is right with the world.

Saturday night, a bunch of us met up at Shaan for Joyce's birthday dinner/bash. Here's Hungry Teen and Joyce, the birthday girl.

../PG/Friends/JoyceBD.jpg (34452 bytes)

Sunday, I helped out with my church's youth bake sale, where we raised some serious cash. I donated an Italian fruit torte. In the afternoon, I went to Jersey City to scrub two year's worth of dirt out of our old apt. Verdict: it's going to take more than one day. Back next week for a 2nd round. Hey, we really need that security deposit back.

Sunday night, Num and I went over to Shibu & Lisa's for dinner. I've put the pictures in the Family section (finally, some new updates), so see how cute their daughter Marissa can be.

../PG/Family/SLDinner101302_001.jpg (30348 bytes)
../PG/Family/SLDinner101302_003.jpg (43235 bytes)
../PG/Family/SLDinner101302_008.jpg (41117 bytes)

Wednesday, Oct 9th 2002

Almost forgot to mention. I went to Best Buy yesterday on 23rd and 6th, and picked up Airplane and The Legend of Drunken Master on DVD. Hey, I couldn't resist...they were cheap.

Airplane!Legend of Drunken Master

Tuesday, Oct 8th 2002

Took the train to work today for the first time (only have taken it from NY.) The walk was only 5 minutes, so pretty cool. Here's the train pulling in.

../PG/Misc/montclairdirect.jpg (70457 bytes)

Went to a seminar offered by PRINA: "Inside Look @ the MBA World." It was rather informative--they had an Admissions person from NYU Stern School of Business, someone from Manhattan GMAT, and two people with MBAs to talk about it from their perspective.

How's this for irony: I had just been telling people at work how much I love the train, and how reliable it is. Then tonight, I leave the seminar at 8:10PM to make my 8:32PM train back home. I get there, and all the trains are delayed. I speak to various people, and there's some sort of "outage" and there is NO service to most NJ Transit trains. Not just a specific line, but MOST TRAINS! Their entire Northeast Corridor and the North Jersey Coast lines were completely shut down. There was an altercation at one of the Customer Service desks with some angry passengers waiting around since around 6PM.

I spoke to Num, and we decided that I should just walk to Port Authority, take the bus, and she'd just pick me up. She's a sweetie, no?

Monday, Oct 7th 2002

I took off today so that I could finish unpacking. I also had to wait for the Comcast Cable guy to come set up my cable and internet (can't live without this stuff--didn't you know?) Once that was done, I did some tasks, and also bought some much-needed supplies from Big KMart in West Orange...$225 worth of crap. We're talking utensils, bathmats, a floor lamp, drinking glasses, etc.

Anyway, the craziest thing I've ever seen. I asked one of the employees where do I find the Brita water filter jugs. He says they're downstairs. As I push my cart towards the center of the store, I'm wondering to myself, "How do you get your shopping cart down the escalators?"I found out. Wow!

../PG/Misc/escalator1.jpg (62338 bytes)
../PG/Misc/escalator2.jpg (79280 bytes)

Escalators for your carts! I've never seen anything like it. You push it through, you take your own escalator, and get your cart at the bottom. Pretty nifty, if you ask me. I was so thrilled, I left my cart in the cookie section to go get my camera from the car.

Sunday, Oct 6th 2002

I planned to stay up all night, so I went to Wendy's around 12AM to get some food (and soda for the caffeine.) Sodas at night usually keep me up all night. However, I wasn't kidding about the exhausted part--I dozed off and woke up around 6AM. Remember, the movers were coming in three hours.

I packed real fast.

Apart from the movers being complete assholes (All-American Movers...BE WARNED!) by trying to add surcharges (extra costs for taking items up any stairs, extra costs to carry any boxes, the foreman playing with my Slinky (not sexual innuendo) while I went to the ATM to get more cash to cover the surcharges, etc.) Well, I've only heard horror stories, but lesson learned--never expect a pain-free move. Here are some pictures of the new apt with actual Joel furniture.

../PG/Misc/GRApt_008.jpg (44174 bytes)
../PG/Misc/GRApt_009.jpg (57467 bytes)
../PG/Misc/GRApt_010.jpg (46727 bytes)
../PG/Misc/GRApt_011.jpg (40685 bytes)
I really wish I had actual furniture "No Mom, I am not a lush." My bedroom / Babe-O-Rama Missy, as helpful as ever

Saturday, Oct 5th 2002

I was supposed to move today, but it was moved to Sunday so that I could go to Binu and Deena's wedding. I wasn't really in the photographic mood, so I only took some pictures after the service. More in the Family Photo Gallery.

../PG/Family/BinuDeena100502_004.jpg (75561 bytes)

Not sure exactly why, but Julie and I were just in tempestuous moods today, so we sat at the wedding all pissed off. Guess we both had stuff to do, and didn't really want to be at a wedding. Call it bad timing. Anyway, what was interesting out of the whole day was talking to this guy at my table at the reception. He works for Accenture (old rivals!) and is working from 6AM to about 8PM 6 hour days a week (Mon-Sat.) Maybe a year ago, I would have accepted it as a fellow consultant, but now I realize that it's nuts. Listen, if you're paid hourly, that's great. Make the money, baby. However, if you're a regularly salaried consultant (like I was),

  • you aren't getting extra pay,
  • you probably still aren't going to get a bonus
  • or actual recognition from management,
  • and the only people who are getting rich are the consulting company partners who live off your hard work.

I spoke to Binu during a lull at the reception about his new job (used to be an accountant for the Big 5, but now has a regular job.) His opinion? He loves it...a regular 9-to-5 job, home in the evening with no work, and a life now. I looked at him and just thought, "My thoughts exactly!"

After the wedding, I hung around at my parents' house for some quality time (it was actually kinda nice.) I left after a while cause I had to start moving all my things to the new apt. Here are some long-awaited pictures of my new apt. See if you can find the delirious exhausted, yet sexy, indian guy.

../PG/Misc/GRApt_001.jpg (31496 bytes)
../PG/Misc/GRApt_002.jpg (43430 bytes)
../PG/Misc/GRApt_003.jpg (41853 bytes)
../PG/Misc/GRApt_004.jpg (37644 bytes)
My first dining room (if I only had a dining table!) An awesome living room (do my arms look elongated?) The living room (sans exhausted sexy indian guy and no furniture) My new kitchen (with pass-thru to dining room
../PG/Misc/GRApt_005.jpg (32254 bytes)
../PG/Misc/GRApt_006.jpg (37768 bytes)
../PG/Misc/GRApt_007.jpg (31193 bytes)
../PG/Misc/GRApt_012.jpg (14418 bytes)
My hall closet for coats (who cares, you say, but I've never had one before) The only food I have in the entire place, but I don't have a toaster oven or microwave. I might starve to death! My new bedroom Yes, even a walk-in closet!

Friday, Oct 4th 2002

I never told you guys [I'm SORRY!], but I got into a car accident last week. It wasn't my fault, and of course I'm fine. Just some damage to my poor car. It's been at the shop since last week, but I got it back today. And for free-of-charge, Planet Honda in Union NJ touched up the scratches, waxed and cleaned the exterior, and then cleaned the entire inside. Pretty good job. Here's my baby, clean and almost good as the first day when I bought it.

../PG/Misc/HAccord99.jpg (55379 bytes)

In other website news, I finally added those pictures from last month's dinner with Anju and Sunny. Check out the September 2002 archive, and scroll down to Saturday Sept 28th.

Tomorrow, Doug is moving after two years. Sigh. Yes, I know, I'm getting my own place (actually not, since I'm sharing with the cat--is this sounding gay?), but it's going to be awfully quiet without Doug's laugh. Who is Grandma Funk going to play head-to-head games with now? Guess I'll just find him online on Man, this is sounding gay. [cough cough] "Say, what kind of engine do you have under there?"

With a little more than 32 hours to go before the movers get here on Sunday (it's 1AM now), I've only packed the kitchen and living room, and still have the bedroom left.

../PG/Misc/MovingHelp.jpg (63566 bytes)
../PG/Misc/Packing.jpg (68598 bytes)
How Missy is helping with packing [sleeping very comfortably] How much progress I've made so far [not too shabby]

Hope I get some free time tomorrow night to finish this stuff up. Sure would look bad to be packing my stuff while on the actual moving truck. I say tomorrow night, cause I'm going to a wedding tomorrow [Saturday] with my parents. I've been ordered to bring the camera, so we can have pictures of guests [more people I don't know.]

At least Julie will be there to keep me company.

And finally, I've received new compliments about the website from my cousin Shibu and the Fantabulous Teena. Thanks to you both, because then I feel somewhat justified for staying up until 3:30am working on cheesy animations.


Thursday, Oct 3rd 2002

I forgot to bring my ID card this morning, so I'm waiting for my roommate Doug in front of the HSBC bank branch on 42nd Street since he's bringing it for me. This way, I don't walk around the office with a "Visitor" sticker.

As I'm waiting, this very old woman with one of those four-pronged canes shuffles slowly into the bank, all bent over. I figure she's going to the bank so she's okay, but I do notice her coat is awfully dirty. She comes back out, steps off the sidewalk onto the street right behind a parked bus. She starts hiking up her skirt and appears to be pulling papers from her coat and dropping them all over the ground around her. Thinking this is odd, but still NYC, I continue to read my book and wait for Doug. I look up, and she's got the skirt hiked way high and showing off too much.

Mind you, she looks like she's in her 70's. I look back down at my book, but notice that no one else standing around really takes notice. I look up and she is shuffling back into the bank. Where she was previously standing on the street is...well....a steaming pile of you-know-what. So, I realize only then that she's homeless. I look through the branch window, and she's at a wall counter, writing "something" on some paper. And now I think she's slightly mental. She walks around inside the branch out of view, and Doug shows up.

I can't imagine that some poor old woman, hunched over, is walking homeless on the streets. And there are probably hundreds more like her.

Wednesday, Oct 2nd 2002

A few things to share with y'all.Midtown DirectI had to (finally!) sign the lease on my new apartment today, so I went to Penn Station for the first time [not first exactly cause I've been there to take the subway, but play along, would you?] to take the NJ Transit train to Bay Street (my stop.) After walking semi-leisurely to Penn Station (I figured I had plenty o' time to catch my 5:50pm train since I had 45 mins), I could not find the NJ Transit entrance on 34th St. Once I entered Penn Station through the LIRR entrance, I walked aimlessly trying to find this new 7th Avenue Concourse they built, because I needed to buy a monthly pass. Of course, I could't find that either. To summarize:
  • I've got 10 minutes before my train leaves.
  • I have no ticket, and no idea where to get it either.
  • I can't find a monitor that tells me what track my train is on. [Gary, you were right--everyone DOES stand around staring at monitors until their train shows up. Then they all move as a fast-moving herd.]

So, I start praying to God, and fortuitously find a map of Penn Station. Unfortunately, I can't find myself. Perfect. I ask a perfect stranger where I am on this stupid map I'm staring at. He turns out to be a good Samaritan, and shows me where I am, where to get a ticket, and the nearest monitor.

I buy a ticket. I stare at a monitor. I find my train. I make my train. I get to Bay Street in a 30 minute train ride across the Jersey swamplands.


I signed the lease, paid the first month's rent, and got my keys. I checked out the apartment, and boy, is it BIG. Sorry, no pictures again, but I'll take some on Friday when I move some stuff in. I have so much to get for my new apartment. Here's a sample list:
  • utensils
  • microwave oven
  • toaster oven
  • furniture for the living room and dining room (and the cat, but she can wait)
  • pots and pans to cook with
  • cups to drink from
  • groceries to eat
  • lamps so I don't walk into stuff in the dark

Get the picture? I'm taking Monday off from work (my boss is being awfully gracious) so maybe I'll go shopping that day at Liquidators.

I officially hate Jersey City. Check out my laundry list on the right.

Toaster Oven
--Thanks Toasty Teena!

Microwave Oven
--Went to KMart

Dining Table and chairs

Non-Stick Pots & Pans
--Thanks Shibu & Lisa!

Wine Rack

Living Room set

For everything else, check out my Wish List.

Went to Best Buy over on 6th and 23rd to research home entertainment systems (naturally) and I was compelled to buy two new DVDs.

Yes, I'm weak-willed. Shut up.

I consider this one of the funniest movies ever. Yes, it's on TV all the time, but that's severely edited.

The Legend of Drunken Master
This movie has phenomenal action.