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Anju's Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding
May 9th-10th 2003

Can you believe it? I'm now calling her my future sister-in-law. To that effect, her wedding stuff goes in my Family Album. Anju my dear, of course you're family!

Family/05092003_001.jpg (42067 bytes)
Family/05092003_002.jpg (60538 bytes)
Family/05092003_003.jpg (45819 bytes)
Anju and Sunny at our table
People at the dinner
Best friends Aly and Anju
Family/05102003_001.jpg (34644 bytes)
Family/05102003_002.jpg (19140 bytes)
Family/05102003_003.jpg (46061 bytes)
Family/05102003_004.jpg (49753 bytes)
Family/05102003_005.jpg (76373 bytes)
Family/05102003_006.jpg (66542 bytes)
Bishop Croneberger giving the homily, and will be conducting our wedding too
Check out how close my family is sitting. See? Arriving late isn't so bad.
We're closer than everyone else!
Have you seen eyes as big as these?
It's picture time.
Julie, working her portfolio, as usual.
Family/05102003_007.jpg (28121 bytes)
Family/05102003_008.jpg (52469 bytes)
Family/05102003_009.jpg (43191 bytes)
Family/05102003_010.jpg (44774 bytes)
Family/05102003_011.jpg (39473 bytes)
Family/05102003_012.jpg (49878 bytes)
Julie making a pit stop before the reception for some cat petting
Plexy and company at Table 28, the table of champions
Bobby, the best man, giving a toast
Anju and Sunny in rapt attention
The best toast ever made, by the Maid of Honor
Looks like she's already left me for a younger man
Family/05102003_013.jpg (41627 bytes)
Family/05102003_014.jpg (37046 bytes)
Family/05102003_015.jpg (43751 bytes)
Family/05102003_016.jpg (38647 bytes)
Family/05102003_017.jpg (48901 bytes)
Family/05102003_018.jpg (33817 bytes)
A fun wedding
Joel and Andy. He was sitting next to me.
Julie, Jenny, and Jeff at our Table 22
Plexy and Georgy
Sandhya and Teena
Teena and Plexy
Family/05102003_019.jpg (42248 bytes)
Family/05102003_020.jpg (42520 bytes)
Family/05102003_021.jpg (40306 bytes)
Family/05102003_022.jpg (51792 bytes)
Family/05102003_023.jpg (49140 bytes)
Family/05102003_024.jpg (46079 bytes)
Pradeep and Lesh
me, Kevin, Ashley, and Pradeep
Sindu (from Houston!) and me
The groomsmen and Achen strutting their stuff
Anju and guests turning into groupies
Lemme guess? The worm? Are they even old enough to know about it?
Family/05102003_025.jpg (33940 bytes)
Family/05102003_026.jpg (41104 bytes)
Family/05102003_027.jpg (24167 bytes)
Family/05102003_028.jpg (49746 bytes)
Tabitha and her husband Matt
Steve and Deepa
Cake action (I'm replacing this one)
Dancing away to the real band


Our Yen-Gagement (as the Indians say it)
June 27th 2003

It was really weird to be the center of attention. "Turn this way. Turn that way. Congratulations. One picture, please. Okay, now with this camera." Anyway, my cousin Shibu took these first batch of pictures for us, and I'm pretty impressed by the quality of the pictures. Who knew that he was useful? (Well, I did, but don't tell him that.)

Captions, and more photos, to come later!

Family/06282003a_002.jpg (37937 bytes)
Family/06282003a_026.jpg (30601 bytes)
Family/06282003a_027.jpg (46851 bytes)
Family/06282003a_022.jpg (58903 bytes)
Family/06282003a_023.jpg (71438 bytes)
Family/06282003a_024.jpg (69643 bytes)
Praying at the house before the ceremony
Yup, still praying
Joel falling asleep, still praying
Andrew and Marissa
Me and the kiddies
My family (Does my Mom look happy? I didn't think so.)
Family/06282003a_012.jpg (64308 bytes)
Family/06282003a_011.jpg (40470 bytes)
Family/06282003a_017.jpg (36271 bytes)
Family/06282003a_018.jpg (38633 bytes)
Family/06282003a_019.jpg (31230 bytes)
Family/06282003a_020.jpg (49830 bytes)
Big family shot (my Mom's side)
Singing at the ceremony
It's Read-Along Time!
"Where are we?"
Julie reading the lesson
Still reading.
Family/06282003a_013.jpg (40286 bytes)
Family/06282003a_014.jpg (47625 bytes)
Family/06282003a_015.jpg (33074 bytes)
Family/06282003a_016.jpg (48183 bytes)
Family/06282003a_006.jpg (49622 bytes)
Family/06282003a_005.jpg (45494 bytes)
My Dad announcing stuff
Still announcing, but that's Rev. Paul Maliel on the left
Rev. Jacob David speaking
Can't get the mic away from him, can we?
Julie, Teena, Feby, Num
Thankamma, Tanya, Kunjummon, and Tanya's dad
Family/06282003a_007.jpg (57807 bytes)
Family/06282003a_008.jpg (50150 bytes)
Family/06282003a_009.jpg (46313 bytes)
Family/06282003a_010.jpg (41962 bytes)
Family/06282003a_003.jpg (49288 bytes)
Family/06282003a_004.jpg (47848 bytes)
Finally, lunch!
My relatives chowing down
Shaun with Andrew and Marissa
Shibu and Lisa
I'm probably telling a funny story

Tanya's mom, Thankamma, Tessin, Teran

Family/06282003a_021.jpg (52303 bytes)
Family shot, Mom still not happy


Family Trip To Virginia
August 1st-3rd 2003

Num's uncle was having his 70th birthday, so his family arranged for a surprise party on a cruise ship on the Potomac River in Washington, DC. Since this was a big family affair, Num wanted me to come along and meet her family. In short, it was a good time, and her relatives were awfully nice.

Friday Night Dinner

Family/08012003_004.jpg (50852 bytes)
Family/08012003_001.jpg (39116 bytes)
Family/08012003_002.jpg (51116 bytes)
Family/08012003_003.jpg (48113 bytes)
Awesome Afghan cuisine in Baltimore
Mother-in-law and I
Num and her dad, and he's a little tired
My food (so tender!)

Saturday's Cruise

Family/08022003_001.jpg (61741 bytes)
Family/08022003_002.jpg (71617 bytes)
Family/08022003_003.jpg (43049 bytes)
Family/08022003_004.jpg (50989 bytes)
Family/08022003_005.jpg (55123 bytes)
Do I stink?
Waiting to board the ship
A surprise!
A little embarrassed?
Surrounded by friends
  Family/08022003_006.jpg (48337 bytes) Family/08022003_007.jpg (45006 bytes) Family/08022003_008.jpg (51304 bytes) Family/08022003_009.jpg (36617 bytes)  
Guess he's happy
Lunch. Yum!
Always mature