I picked up new Sony WF-SP800N wireless earphones for biking and other outdoor exercise

Sony WF-SP800N

With all of this riding I’m doing, I gotta say it’s getting a little dull. Mile after mile of farmland, horses, and cows. The same horses and cows every day. This month, I started using my Sony WF-1000XM3 for a few rides, and having music to listen to was a game changer. Instead of focusing on what the road looks (and feels) like for every mile, I could zone out and let the miles pass me by.

While it was good to have music, this model is not water resistant, and they don’t stay in your ears well when you’re doing a lot of heavy exertion. At the end of one recent ride, one earbud fell off onto the road, and I had to circle back to go find it. Some cosmetic damage, but still worked great. But I needed another option.

Since I already have the Sony Connect app on my phone, I opted for the new Sony WF-SP800N wireless earbuds. They’re a sportier model with little curved things to lock into your ear, and water-resistant.

Overall, much better for biking.

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