Well, if we are stuck at home during a pandemic, we might as well get a new TiVo Edge

Let me start with the fact – We bought a new TiVo Edge DVR this month.

Your questions are probably somewhere along the lines of:

  1. “Why?”
  2. “People still use TiVos?”
  3. “What’s wrong with the cable company’s DVR?”
  4. “Why aren’t you using streaming services?”

These are all valid questions. I’ll try to answer them.

  1. Why we bought a new TiVo? We bought our last TiVo devices for the Family Room (a TiVo Roamio Plus) back in 2014 after we moved into the house. After spending a few months watching TV in the basement, my wife had enough, and wanted something upstairs on the main floor. After 6 years, the Roamio Plus has been acting up, and not connecting well to our TiVo Mini Vox in the Master Bedroom.
  2. Do people still use TiVos? Yes, they do. Not as much as before, but you have to really do it for the interface. And really hate the cable company DVR UI.
  3. I hate the FiOS DVR. I used it for a while years ago, and it was a piece of junk.
  4. Why not streaming? Well, funny enough, we use a lot of streaming services AND watch / record live TV. Okay, so the kids don’t watch live TV, but Nums and I do. Yes, you can find stuff online, but you often have to purchase the individual episodes. I don’t want ot own episodes of Property Brothers.

In prior years, it was easy for me to justify a TiVo because it was primarily for recording shows & movies, and had Netflix on there built-in. Great. In the 6 years since, we’ve seen many more streaming services come out, e.g. Disney Plus, Apple, CBS All Access, and none of these are available on TiVo. So we’re watching Netflix and Amazon and Hulu through TiVo, and using anything else available to watch the other streaming services.

I find this frustrating.

Why not go all streaming? Funny enough, if I were to cancel TV from our FiOS package, it would cost me more a month. Dumb.

The TiVo Edge is slightly faster than the old Roamio, so it works well enough so I can watch live sports and other live shows. We’re living with the mix of streaming services, but I’m not able to justify it to other people. For now, this is good enough.

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