Welcome to the great pandemic of 2019

Welcome to the pandemic!

So, this is crazy. We entered this lockdown in mid-March, and it’s been a few weeks. Based on conversations with friends and coworkers, we all thought that we’d be done and back to work in two weeks. Right before the lockdown officially started, we grabbed dinner at a new place in Princeton called The Meeting House. We ate out, thinking this was probably our last eat-at-a-restaurant meal for the month. The pandemic doesn’t seem to be abating, and we’ve got no word on going back.

The kids and us have been all working remotely, much like everyone else. The kids work in various spots around the house, Nums is working up in the master bedroom, and I usually work in the Lounge or Family Room. I also rotate around. The cats now have people to hang out with during the day, whether we want them to or not.

Like everyone else, we didn’t know how long this would go on. I think everyone has had to scramble to get groceries and toiletries and other personal care supplies. We ran out of meats, so people started giving advice on what they found and where, and we like everyone scrambled to get things like groceries and stuff. Paper products and cleaning supplies have been cleaned out in most places. Earlier this month in March, we heard there were meats at our local Aldi, so I ran there to grab what I could.

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