The big David – Philip – Martin – Bunyan Family Reunion

The big event of the weekend was a grand family reunion for members of the David, Martin, and Philip families. I’ve never attended a formal family reunion so this was an interesting experience. Not everyone made it from around the globe, but many people did fly and drive to get to Bangalore this weekend.

The family members organizing the big event rented a hall at The Shack nearby for the lunch. We got there first, and that gave us an opportunity to meet the family members when they arrived and chat it up.

The event began with some introductions, then four speakers took turns coming up to present on the various family trees, using onscreen visuals and family photographs. It was soon time for lunch and large family photos.

We all got kicked out of the hall at 3 PM, and then a number of us regrouped at Dipu and Meena’s flat for snacks and drinks.

Big day. Interesting day. Nice job by everyone who helped plan and organize an event like this.

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