Our new “last day” in Bangalore

Sunday was our last day in Bangalore. It was originally going to include a morning of packing, but with the revised itinerary, we had a full day here. What to do? We had options — drive into the city, drive out an hour or so to a nature preserve, etc. With some phone calls and also during the cousins together Saturday night, we made plans to meet with my Kezia (the daughter of one of my cousins working here in Bangalore), and Lee & Reshmi for dinner.

We took a drive into the Koramangala section of Bangalore to meet my relative for lunch. She works here in Bangalore and was supposed catch a train to Kerala on Friday night for the three day weekend, but the trains were cancelled due to the monsoon weather. We made plans to meet at Truffles for lunch, and Koramangala is supposedly a nice area known for restaurants.

It was nice to catch up with Kezia over lunch was nice, but she was feeling ill and probably should have cancelled lunch. We cut lunch short, and let her go home. Man, nothing about Kerala is working out well. We had some time, so we took a walk to the nearby Forum mall to check it out. We hit up a strange ‘everything’ store that sold everything except groceries. While there, we picked up some new Sony Bluetooth earphones for Josh.

We drove back to the flat for a quick afternoon nap, then drove out northeast to have dinner with Reshmi and Lee and family. We spent some time at their flat catching up, eating snacks, and drinking. Lee brought out a 30 (or was it 50) year old Scotch Whiskey that his father had laying around. The cork was very old and we didn’t have a bottle opener. We used many tools at our disposal to retrieve the whiskey, and we somewhat of a dent in it.

Afterwards, we went to a cool open air brewery nearby called Byg Brewski. Huge, open area. Food and drinks were decent, but I think you’re paying for the ambiance.

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