India 2019 – Our 1st day in Bangalore, and dinner with the David clan

Our friendly 3 AM airport pickup

My wife’s uncle Dipu picked us up from the Bangalore International Airport after we exit Immigration and Customs after 3 AM. A hired driver drove us all to their flat in about 45 minutes, and we met up with my in-laws and my Dipu’s wife Meena. Reunion time! We had a late snack (early breakfast?) at 4 AM, then we retired to an upstairs flat that we would be using for the next few days.In a few short hours, we were up and about puttering around. It was an easy first day and getting acclimated. My sister-in-law and her family showed up (they had been in Bangalore since Saturday) and would be sharing the same flat with us until Sunday. More reunions!

Nums is trapped in the backseat with some crazy kids

In the evening, nine of us (including my in-laws) drove about an hour to a relative’s place on my father-in-law’s side. We experienced some of the infamous Bangalore traffic firsthand, and it was rush hour too. Crazy, man.

Once we got there, it was more family reunion time. I had last met everyone 15 years ago when I was last here in 2014, so I needed a bit of a refresher. The kids had never met anyone so Namita introduced them to her relatives. It was nice to meet and chat with everyone – all were so nice and friendly, with plenty of smiles, laughter, and good conversation to go around. The kids all played card games with each other, and you could hear the laughter from a room or two away.

At the end, Namita’s cousin Sunil rented a large van and driver, and took us on a short tour the surrounding neighborhood. That was nice.

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