After 2+ years of planning, we’re on our way to India

More than two years ago, we started thinking about a big trip to India. While the details and dates changed over time, the general outline was that we would time the trip to coincide with the extended David family in the US also going to India, visiting my relatives in Kerala, and sightseeing in the north. It’s taken this long, and lots of discussions, and finding the money needed to pull this off. I didn’t know this was ever going to work.

But the day is finally here. :

The minor details and dates have changed, but the general plan held on:

  • Three days in Bangalore to hang out with the extended David & Philips clans.
  • Three days in Kerala, staying at a Kumarakom backwaters resort, and visiting the Ipe side of the family tree.
  • Three days visiting Agra and New Delhi (plus travel time
  • Three days of international travel time.

It’s nearly two weeks, but really only nine days with boots on the ground. It doesn’t seem like an awful lot of time considering the travel costs to get there and back again, but it’s all we could afford to be away.

Namita and I have been racing to get our work stuff all situated so that we can be gone for those two weeks. We’ve also been ordering new clothes and new suitcases and supplies for the trip. The cats were taken care of, airport parking reserved, car loaded up, and we eventually got on our way.

Much later than planned? Yeeeeeesssss, but we checked into our flight before the 1 hour mark. We went right through security and grabbed a quick snack while standing on line at the gate. Talk about efficient!

The overnight flight (7 hours) went well enough, but the kids couldn’t sleep so they mostly watched movies and played games on their devices. We landed in Frankfurt and spent our six hour layover hanging around and trying to catch a few short winks.

The 2nd leg of the journey was all afternoon and evening (8 hours) and we’re scheduled to arrive around 2 AM in Bangalore.

I hope we can get some rest tonight (and stretch out!), and adjust to the jet lag relatively quickly. It’s a short visit in Bangalore with lots to do Friday and Saturday.

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