Lily’s 5th Grade Graduation – Wednesday, June 19 2019

June 19th was a big day for Lily. She was graduating from 5th grade in elementary school, and moving up to 6th grade at the middle school.

It was a different year for her this past year. In order to accommodate all of the kids, our school district shuffled all of the kids from kindergarten to 5th grade among the four elementary schools. Instead of finishing out at the same elementary school she started at, she had to spend her last year in a new school. Furthermore, a lot of her friends got moved into a group, so she barely saw them this year. Totally sucked. To add insult to injury, with all of the kids and parents to accommodate, each school had to schedule two different graduation ceremonies. So Lily didn’t even get to graduate with all of her friends finally together. I’m aware that a few parents were really angry about the whole dual graduation situation, but it wasn’t the end of the world by any means.

Here’s to hoping that middle school will be better for the kids her age. Even if she doesn’t personally get into classes with her old friends, she’ll have opportunities to meet new friends with all of the switching of classes, clubs and organizations, etc.

Afterwards, we went out for lunch to one of our local Japanese restaurants for sushi. The rest of the day was pretty laid back, except for me catching up on work. There was just one more graduation to go the next day — for Joshua.

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