Joshua and the 8th Grade Semi-Formal

Next week, Josh is graduating from middle school, and moving on to high school in the Fall. With less than one week to go, the school hosted a semi-formal dance for the entire 8th grade at the school itself last Friday. Did they do this every year? We definitely didn’t have a semi-formal when I was in junior high school.

It was a big deal — most of boys were dressed in suits, and many of the girls took the afternoon off so they could get their hair and makeup done. We got Josh a new suit, shirt, and tie for the evening.

Before the dance started, many people got together at a nearby park for pictures before heading over to the school at 7 PM. Josh said he had a really good time — some dancing, but also a photo booth, snacks, and goofing off with friends. I ended up picking up Josh and another boy at 9:30 PM, and driving them home.

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