Lily and the Spelling Bee

I mentioned that Lily was attending her 2nd spelling bee ever while we were standing in line at Immigration and Customs in Newark Airport. Last year, she made it far but not to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. As we were traveling, my father-in-law agreed to take her to the spelling bee. This is the same spelling bee organized by the Greater Hightstown Juniorettes in our town every year, and Josh participated and won 1st and 3rd.

(Thanks for Cori and Sue for their work every year!) 

Anyway, there we all were, standing in line for 90+ minutes, with other people in attendance live-texting us all updates. The pressure was fierce, and we all looped around the line, updating each other. In the end, Lily came in 1st place. Pretty darn awesome.

She got her name in the local paper, and will be heading to the district competition on Feb 23rd, which will be held at the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs’ state headquarters in New Brunswick.

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