On Dec 14th we went to see Jay Pharoah perform at Caroline’s

A few months earlier, my wife got us tickets to see Jay Pharoah perform at Caroline’s in Midtown. I’ve never been to Caroline’s and Jay Pharoah is hilarious, so it was a no-brainer.

We both worked from home on that Friday with an expectation that we would leave around 4:30 PM, drive to the city (or nearby Secaucus), have dinner and drinks, then go enjoy the show. Most of that never happened. I got roped into a fire drill at work that took way longer to resolve and complete than expected, and we left an hour late. 

We hit traffic and the rain all the way to Newark. While we didn’t have time for dinner, we made it with enough time to get some stools in the back row of the comedy club. At least it was spacious. 

We had thought as a backup to grab at appetizers at the club and then dinner afterwards, but my wife got motion sickness in the car with all the stop & go traffic, so we skipped eating altogether. We ended up coming home pretty late, and I ate leftovers. She felt better the next day after taking dramamine. 
Not the evening we had planned, but you make due. The show was very good, and all of the comedians were great. Caroline’s was nice and I would definitely go back again.

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