My new toys for terrorizing my flesh & blood children – Nerf Rival

In the past few months, the kids and I have been playing this Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. -themed role-playing game. I conducted a short scavenger hunt with the kids in August and it went over well. I even created a ‘Mad Scavenger’ villain persona. 

When October rolled around, I organized an intricate scavenger hunt around town for the kids, and Nums helped out too. Together, they captured the Mad Scavenger, a precocious super villain and her evil henchwoman. Call it a successful mission. So successful, check out who made the cover of the newspaper! We printed out the front page and gave it to the kids to hang on our celebrity wall. If you notice the article on the left hand side, I announced the new adventure. 

Front page of the Dec 2018 edition of S.H.I.E.L.D. Briefing

Front page of the Dec 2018 edition of S.H.I.E.L.D. Briefing

For Christmas this year, I decided on a more physical adventure against Kraven the Hunter. In preparation for the next big mission during the Christmas break, I made a spear from old wrapping paper tubes and stakes, and attached a warning from Kraven and planted it in the front yard. I sent the kids messages via Skype from a Nick Fury ID.  

I also bought the kids two new Nerf Rival Kronos handheld blasters for Christmas. We’ve got a few Nerf weapons that shoot the foam darts, but they don’t fly far anymore (I think the internal springs have worn out) or jam constantly. I figured getting the kids these brand new blasters would be cool and exciting, and a bonus for becoming fully-fledged special agents. Plus they would get a chance to shoot me a lot.Of course, I’m not about to go out without a fight, and neither would Kraven the Hunter or his brother the Chameleon. I secretly purchased two weapons for myself: the Nerf Hera and Nemesis. Both are motorized (using C or D batteries or a proprietary rechargeable battery pack), can hold multiple rounds, and are fully automatic. 

Let me tell you something – they’re fantastic. It is fun!

Now that we have a wider collection of gear, Nums and I decided dusted off our weapons locker idea from two years ago. We bought some pegboard and supplies to make a weapons locker but never got around to it.  During the break, the kids and I hung up half of it. We’ll need to buy two more boards so that we can hang up the rest of the gear. Right now, we’ve placed melee weapons on the left, and ranged weapons everywhere else. More to come. 

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