A photo shoot in Central Park after Thanksgiving

For our Christmas / holiday cards, we have tried Sears and JC Penney with middling success. Often the photos need a lot of editing and cleaning up in Photoshop (by me) to make them decent. Last year, we were so fed up that we did our own photo shoot in our house and went with a candid shot that looked the best.

This year, Nums found an offer where we would meet a photographer in Central Park at a specific time slot, pay a flat $15 fee, take a number of photos, and then we only pay for the photos that we liked the best. Nums looked into finding a local photographer, but they were all charging $300 for an indoor photo shoot, so this seemed like a great idea. I also liked the idea of an outside photo.

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We bought the clothes, made the plans, etc. Unfortunately, the Friday after Thanksgiving was looking to be freezing. I mean, we’re talking 20 degrees Fahrenheit. And we were asking the kids to take off their coats and smile? Up until maybe that morning, we were having serious doubts. However, we said we’re Ipes, and we soldier through crazy ideas all the time. We drove into Midtown, found parking near 59th Street and 5th Ave. Right on time, we met the photographer at the General Sherman statue, and we took a number of photos near some trees, and also down at a pond. I think many of photos came out really nice.

Lunch (dinner?) at Katsu-Hama

Afterwards, we took a brisk walk to Katsu-Hama for a late Japanese lunch / early dinner. First time there, and we expected to find sushi/sashimi and hibachi items, but it was totally different than what we expected. We stayed and tried new types of donburi and katsu dishes, and it was all good. Wow, photos taken, no frostbite, and we tried new dishes. Win win!

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