The Ipes Go on a London Holiday – Wednesday – Day 2 of the London Pass and I think we made up for Tuesday

It was our day to try again everything we missed on Tuesday. Take 2!

Up early on Wednesday, and we made it back out to the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre around 10 AM. Success! We got in, and it was a cool tour. The Globe Theater is a recreation of the original Globe from Shakespeare’s time, and it’s a working open air theater. It was pretty cool. We even got some souvenirs there.

After the theater, we got lunch at Borough Market, then went in for the London Bridge Experience and London Tombs. The London Bridge Experience is this history of the London Bridge led by actors acting rather dramatically through these small sets. The London Tombs is a mini haunted house experience where these actors now scare you as you walk through crowded spaces. It was fine. Everyone had a good time.

We walked across the Tower Bridge again, got admission into the Tower London (finally), and we walked around. It really reminded me of the locations in the first Naughty Dog Uncharted game. We also checked out the royal Crown Jewels on display within the Tower of London, and the various weapons and armor in use from back in the day. All interesting.

We could have spent much more time walking around, but we hoped to still make it to our final big destination for Wednesday – Kensington Palace. They were beautiful grounds, and much like Buckingham Palace, open to the public for the people to picnic and hang out in. Huge grounds, I’m telling you. Inside, we checked out a Lady Diana exhibit about her fashion, history, and her charity work. Back outside, we checked out the Sunken Garden and all the flora.

In the evening, we walked out of the palace grounds and grabbed dinner at The Ivy Inn Kensington Brasserie, which was nice. We were in the mood for gelato afterwards, so we grabbed a train to Notting Hill Gate to Amorino Notting Hill. Fancy gelato.

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