I’ve waited about four years for this – functioning backyard patio lights

Does four years seem like a long time? In hindsight, it sure sounds like it. I think it was summer 2015 when I discovered the backyard patio lights didn’t work for a real reason. New house, lots of tasks and stuff to figure out. Unpacking, decorating, figuring out how the sprinklers worked.

2014 – Why don’t the backyard patio lights work? More importantly, I hate the this Rainbird sprinkler system even more. And this thing here too. 

I physically dug around, and discovered we were missing the power pack converter thingermabob. Did the previous owners take it or did it stop working years ago? 

Fine, whatever, new house, higher priority items on the list. Lights later.

2015 – Okay, I’ve purchased a power pack. Wait, how does low voltage landscape lighting work? Erm, can someone help me? Everyone is busy? Okay. I’ll do it myself.

Discovered the wiring is bad and realized the original lights are all rusted. I’m better off replacing them all. Need a hammer drill to put new screws into patio stone. Purchased new drills but no luck. No time, deal with it later.

2016 – Made some excuses, didn’t get around to it.

2017 –  Tried to get some companies to do the whole house, still lots of money. 

2018 – Fed up with the excuses. Found a new local handyman contractor who was willing to help fill in some stupid horseshoe pits and help me drill and install the patio lights. Last Saturday afternoon, me and the handyman removed the old non-functioning lights and hooked up the lights to the new wiring the kids and I installed a month ago.


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