Watching a Plays in the Park production of “Mamma Mia!”….. in the park

Some friends of ours from church who live in Edison NJ have often told us how some production company puts on musicals at Roosevelt Park in Edison. The ticket prices are reasonable, and all you have to do is bring lawn chairs and food in order to have a picnic and watch a play. I don’t know how often they run, or if it’s one musical for the entire summer run. In any case, we heard it was “Mamma Mia!”, so we made plans on a recent Saturday night to go experience it. 

We picked up dinner from the Panera Bread near the Menlo Park mall, drove around repeatedly trying to find the correct park entrance near the amphitheater, and eventually trekked our belongings there. Even arriving an hour in advance, we still ended up at the back of the field. It was a good show, and a beautiful night. We eventually moved halfway further back to an area that had fewer heads blocking our views.

While we couldn’t see as much as we wanted, the music of Abba made up for it. I’d do Plays in the Park again but I’d get there even earlier.

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