Saturday night out in New Brunswick for dinner and Roy Wood Jr.

My wife and I learned some time ago that comedian Roy Wood Jr would be coming to the Stress Factory in early May. We also made plans to go out beforehand for dinner at Delta’s, a southern American cuisine restaurant that we used to frequent before both kids started sucking up all available money. 😉

We had few other friends agree to come out dinner, and make it a post-actual-birthday-but-why-not-celebrate-anyway dinner for me. Well, at least dessert.

Dinner and drinks were nice but I wasn’t all that impressed with the fried chicken. It needed seasoning- that’s right – I said it. The hush puppies were average. Everything else we had was good.

The restaurant wasn’t full. In fact, the streets were empty and other restaurants & bars were partially empty. We passed a Irish bar with a sad employee standing outside wearing a sombrero (it was Cinco de Mayo), waiting for anyone to show up. I briefly looked inside and the lights were colorful and the DJ was spinning, but it was empty. It was weird but Stress Factory is always packed with a long line out the door.

No line.

We get inside and they’ve already started. The club is half empty on Cinco de Mayo that’s also on a Saturday night. What gives? We had the pick of the table in front while the entire back area was empty with seats stacked on tables. I was (and still am) befuddled.

The show itself was good and we enjoyed both the warm-up comedian and Roy Wood Jr. By the time Wood Jr got off the stage, it was 11 PM but it felt early. Like the entire experience was abbreviated. We were hoping to get a photo but Roy hung out at the bar with a intangible buffer space between him and the line of people exiting, and I didn’t get the feel we were supposed to cross over.

Oh well. Fun night at first, but it got weird at the end. Cinco de Mayo, Saturday night, good weather, and the city felt empty.

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