Mazel Tov, Kaiya! It’s a Bat Mitzvah!

Joshua’s long time friend (since they were two years old) Kaiya celebrated her bat mitzvah over Memorial Day weekend. It’s our first second bat mitzvah ever! I think we’re on a roll here.

We attended the religious service at 10 AM at the Congregation Beth Chaim Synagogue. We carpooled another of Josh’s friends to the synagogue. Kaiya and another girl were both being celebrated that day. Around 12 noon, we drove over our carpool of kids to the Holiday Inn for lunch, dancing, etc. It was a full program. The nicest part of all was when Kaiya invited the four of us up while she lit candles. I forget the name of this particular ceremony, but it was personally heartwarming to be considered part of their extended family.

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