We bought Lily a new bike for her birthday

Lily has been riding a 20″ bicycle for a few years now. Late last year, I noticed that she was either looking really big, or the bicycle was looking awfully small. At the time, we agreed that she needs a new bike for 2018, and decided to wait for the Spring. Lily dropped by our local bicycle shop a few times this year and she picked out a 24″ GT Stomper kid mountain bike.

It’s obviously bigger, features 7 gears, handbrakes, and has some some minor shock absorption on the front. On April 12, we traded in her old bicycle for this one. So far, she likes it. I would have preferred an even larger bike and more gearing options, but 26″ seems a little too big for her to handle.

It’s nice. I’m a little worried that she will outgrow this one sooner than expected. We shall see.

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